Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blessing Day!

We blessed Paisley and Maxwell in our home on December 5th. We had such a wonderful time with our immediate families surrounding us. Auston gave the babies such beautiful blessings, the day couldn't have been better. We loved the special spirit that was with us that day. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday that we are so blessed to have such wonderful children come into our family.


Cale and Cortney said...

What a beautiful family! Your twins are so cute. Hope you are enjoying life as MOM now. Happy new year to you and Austin :)

The Hancuff's said...

um, wow! love your new family pic! look at you with the wind blowing through your model hair. sheesh! motherhood definitely suits you:) your babies are adorable, and glad you got to have an intimate blessing day, as it is such a very sacred time. happy new year to you both. thanks for the xmas card. we were lazy and didn't get any out. hopefully i'll update my own blog soon.

Rachel said...

So precious Janelle! You look so happy!