Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

May was such an eventful month for us. May 12th was such a wonderful day because Beckham Tate Meredith was born. Jill is the most amazing mother and she has the most beautiful babies. Okay so I am biased but I truly think they are gorgeous. Beckham is the best baby and I love him so much! I am so grateful to have another nephew to love!May 22 was another amazing day because my favorite brother (so he's my only brother but that definitely makes him my favorite!) graduated from high school. We took a much needed trip to Escalante to be there for the graduation and to have a chill weekend. We had planned on going hiking, four wheeling, etc but it rained/poured the entire weekend. Escalante needed the rain so much but it did cramp our style a bit. We still were able to have a blast though, my Dad took us to the Anasazi museum in Boulder where he knows the museum curator so we were able to see all of the special artifacts that no one even knows about. So cool!
Jamie and Chris are getting married August 8th and we couldn't be more excited! It is going to be the event of the year! Can we say party?!

We were totally missing Jill, she had to stay home because hello, she just had a baby! We honestly missed her so bad! I don't know how it worked out but somehow we all were coordinating our outfits.

On Sunday after church we were able to go exploring a little up the Alvey wash. Oh my goodness it is beautiful and so much fun. We were totally hiking these huge rocks. Escalante is just one of the most amazing places and I absolutely love it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Our lives have been so busy lately with a million things but I need to take a moment to stop and reflect on all the blessings that I have been given. This past weekend I was able to see two of the most important people in my life and honor them. Mother's Day is always a special day. Auston and I are so grateful for the two amazing mothers that we have. I can't find the right words to describe truly how we feel about both of them. They make everything better in our lives. I am so grateful to their examples of motherhood and their Christlike love. As much as I love Mother's Day because we get to honor our Mother's I struggle a little bit. For the past four years Mother's Day has always been a little hard for me just due to the fact that I am not able to be a Mother. I have always wanted to be a mom more than anything but our Heavenly Father has a different plan for me right now. Yesterday in our Sacrament meeting the speaker talked about how every woman is a mother, even if she hasn't had the opportunity to give birth. He gave the example of how Adam called Eve "the mother of all living" before she had even born children of her own. Women are innately mothers from birth. We as women are nurturing, and loving. That gave peace to my heart and a whole new perspective on my life as a woman and daughter of God. I hope to one day be blessed to be a Mother to children of my own but until that time I will strive to have more faith in Heavenly Father's plan for me. I absolutely had the best Mother's Day weekend and we loved being able to spend time with our wonderful families.