Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sad Sad

What a week! It has honestly been the hardest week. On Wednesday my car was broken into while I was at the gym. I know you are not supposed to leave your purse in the car but people's purses have been stolen right out of the locker and so I thought it would be safer just to leave my purse in the back seat. Well, I was totally victimized and the crook got away with a ton of my stuff. They stole my purse, with my preciouse Wedding Ring inside. They got away with my digital camera, my Dad's expensive camera, my jewelry, and they even took some of my sewing stuff! I feel so violated and I am totally distraught about my wedding ring. I called the insurance and they will only pay a small portion to replace my ring so I guess I am going to have to wait awhile till I can get a new one. I don't want a new one! I just want MY ring! I have been to several pawn shops, called many others and no luck. I am so sad! I know they are only material things that I have lost but it still makes me sad.