Thursday, August 13, 2009


Summer 2009 has been the best summer! We have had such a blast! To start off the summer we had an awesome 4th of July. We spent the night at my Mom's cabin then we had the most amazing BBQ at my Aunt Joni's (she is the best gourmet). The very next weekend we had the Belka Family Reunion 2009 in Kanab at Clay & Shellie's house. We rode 4-Wheelers, had a pool party, went to a Chuckwagon Cookout, sat around the campfire, etc. We had the best time! Thanks Clay and Shellie for everything!

Pioneer Day we headed down to Southern Utah to celebrate with my Dad. On our way to Escalante, Auston and I went to Capitol Reef. It was gorgeous. I love spending time with my best friend/ hubby. It was so much fun to just be on our own little adventure. We went for a hike along the Fremont River, saw some petroglyphs, saw the Fruita Schoolhouse (way cool). What is crazy to me is that I have driven past the entrance to Capitol Reef dozens of times and we have never been there. I am so glad that we finally went. Escalante always celebrates Pioneer Day the Saturday after the holiday so we were able to be there for the parade. My Dad is running for Mayor of Escalante & Auston and I got to help in the parade. We threw out lip balm, fans that said Taylor for Mayor on them, as well as tons of candy. It was so memorable. I hope my Dad wins Mayor, he will truly be the best! Good luck Dad!

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Kerrilyn said...

You guys are so darling. I love Capitol Reef. I have spent the majority of our Spring Breaks there for as long as I can remember.
P.S. I have your replacement Cream of Tartar at the house but you are never home long enough for me to bring it over.